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    Question Regarding Agarwood plantation

    Has anyone planted Agarwood plantation in telangana and andhra pradesh states. I want to know the procedure to plant, life time and income opportunities and clarify other doubts.
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    Wanted Agarwood Investors

    In search of serious investors who are interested in investing in natural oud. I have plantation of more then +5000 tree's (age range from 15-45 years old) of naturally infected agarwood which are ready to be harvested. Interested persons can leave a message below the comment session. Thank you...
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    For Sale Agarwood oil/oud 1st class oil for Sale

    Agarwood oil/oud 100% pure and organic for sale at a very cheap price. If purity is doubt, you are welcome to test it. Quantity available: 30ltrs If interested contact me ASAP
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    For Sale Agarwood plants

    I have agarwwod plants..Its old about 30 years..But want to sale one plant urgently...plz contact me
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    Agarwood Buyers

    rahul looking for Agarwood in tamil nadu or elsewhere in india. We are ready to buy any quantity of Agarwood. We mostly preferred top quality which is mostly black in colour. Regards Rahul
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    Cultivated agarwood chips for sale

    We are cultivated agarwood chips manufacture, we plant aquillaria and make agarwood chips from A-Z. We sell agarwood chips for who want to make agarwood incense, extract agarwood essential oil or make agarwood cheap price. Contact now:
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    Agarwood budded plants,tea plant seedlings and bamboo seeds for sale

    Huge quantities of Agarwood seedlings and budded plants(much less time required in flowering and suitable for early artificial fungal infection),tea plant seedlings,rubber plant clones,tejpata plant air layers,scented assam lemon rooted plants and bamboo seeds are available in...
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    Oud or Agarwood

    Hello i am looking to start sourcing Oud wood / Agarwood. i would like to know who has resource to help supply this and know it is of quality. Really interested in knowing all about it and sampling and purchasing process.. Please write to me if you have information of who can supply...
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    Agarwood for dry lands

    Hello friends, Can I plant 'Agarwood' as the intercrop in a mango garden, which is irrigated under drip? We have got sufficient water resources, but its a dry land and temporatures may reach - upto 40-43 during summer. As we are interested on any high value medicinal/wood...
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    Wanted agarwood, silver oak & sandalwood seeds/seedlings

    Need agarwood seeds for 1 acre and silver oak, gaint neem & sandalwood seeds for 10 acres (mixed). Kindly let me know the appropriate price per kilogram and how much quantity required for each acre. Thanx in advance. Ram
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    farm land agarwood on indonesia

    farm land for sale on indonesia east borneo..with plant agarwood 4,5 ha..or who want to invest make agarwood farm land
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    for sale agarwood on indonesia

    on borneo indonesia we hahe agarwood plants. with 4,2 hectar area..for sale
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    farm land agarwood on indonesia

    sell farm land agar wood an indonesia..who want to buy ar invest to farm land special agarwood.
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    need agarwood investment

    borneo east indonesia, to plant agarwood,,need funder to do it