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    land required for banana & turmeric farming

    hi all, i am looking for very low cost land that is suitable for banana & turmeric cultivation either for long-term lease or for outright purchase. even dry paddy fields are okay. anywhere in kerala, karnataka & tamil nadu are okay. but the preferred areas are areas on kerala/karnatka or...
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    Banana Farming

    Hi All, I am a newbie to farming and what i would like to know is :- 1. whether i can convert paddy fields to land suitable for banana farming or 2. can i directly plant banana plants in paddy fields after all the water has been drained from the paddy fields? 3. which variety of banana...
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    Wanted low cost agricultural land

    Hi All, Am looking for low cost agricultural land with water sources & electricity that is suitable for banana farming in Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka. If you have any such land, you may contact me Would appreciate your help in sourcing a suitable land. Thanks - Vinod