a2 deshi ghee

  1. jaivik

    For Sale A2 deshi Ghee /Vedic Ghee

    Dear All We have Deshi Cow Bilona Ghee of Tharparkar and Kankrej and of Gir Cow Ghee No Preservatives used No Color Used GMO Free Organic Grass Fed if any body need for resale it or buying it always welcome .
  2. jaivik

    For Sale A2 Deshi Ghee or Organic Ghee

    We Have a2 Deshi Ghee of Sahiwal , Gir ,Tharparkar ,Kankrej and Theni maddu Cow These all are of different areas of Bharat . available in less price These Ghee is made by Traditional Method or by Bilona, a2 deshi ghee Available in Glass jaar and tin box in half litre and one litre and tin...

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