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    Farm fresh Vegetable,fruits ready to sale,ordinary vegetables,exotic vegetables,

    Sir: ordinary vegetables,exotic vegetable,fruits ready to sale buyers contact me
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    Farm fresh Vegetable,fruits ready to sale

    Hi: vegetabls fruits we can supply for regular basis buyers contact me
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    Pinapple ready to sale

    Hi; we have large quantity of pinapple fruits we give you responsible price ples cont me
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    Wanted strawberry buyers

    Hi we are supplying for strawberry in regular basis.interetsed customers ple contact me we give you responsible price..
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    Vegetable buyers wanted

    Dear all; we are supplying for fruits and vegetables in regular basis any intereseted buyers ples contact me grape,sappota,amla,pomagrnate,......... Contact person
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    Vegetable Supply For Regular Basis

    Hi dear all Frindes we are doing for vegetables Bisnuss .We are suppying for all kind of vegetables in reguar basis any body interested buyers Quick contact me. Contact person: Mr.Saravanakumar, Raj&groups. Tamilnadu Dindigul,
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    Export quality 30000 Coconut for sale

    Dear all we can supply for good quality mature coconut and tender coconut in ragular basis or weakly basis supply in throught the india i give u cheap price
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    vegetable buyers wanted

    Dear all we can supply 3 types of vegetable 1.plains vegetable 2.greenhouse vegetable 3.exotic vegetable we can supply for daily basis 1.super markets 2.vegetable woleselars 3.vegetable exporters my email watch tag box thanks by
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    Please open this messag for all buyers

    Dear all we can supply all types vegetables exotic vegetables,green house vegetables,,plain vegetables,in regular basis ples cont me my mail id watch tag box
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    We have fresh green house cucumber,greenhouse capsicum ,strawberry cherry tomato

    Dear all, strawberry,cherry tomato,seedles cucumber,capsicum we can supply regular basis any interest parties contact me
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    All Types OF Fresh FRUITS and VEGETABLES

    Dear members we can all types fruits and vegtables . 1.drumstick ,2.ivy gourd,3.beans,and other english vegetables also we can supply for throught the india fruits 1.amla,2.lemon,3.mango,4.grapes ,and extra seedles cucumber also
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    Amla ,Seedles cucumber Ready to Sale

    Dear friends we have available of large quantity of amla and seedles cucumber any interested buyers ples cont me we can supply everywhere in India .ples cont my mob number tag box in bottom side
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    Grapes Ready to Sale

    Dear Friends one good news friends.here started for grapes season any interested buyers contact me. My mob number ples note separate tagbox is there
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    pleas open this message

    Dear sir grapes ready to sale.ples contact for market person .i ll supply regular basis my mob number .ples see the tag box
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    One good news for all buyers .pleas open this message

    Hi dear members good morning pannier grapes producation area here cultivating pannier grapes only.my own farm now cultivating grapes.now this grapes ready to harvest .fi anybody is there grapes buyers ples contact me we give you responsible price.ples note my number...
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    Canada & USA import/export of your products

    We are having Business Consultant in Canada and USA. Our client having office in India & Canada, USA. We are ready market your products, If you wanted to Invest money for your interested business and import/export business in Canada & USA welcome, We will help you for your business needs and...