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    Learned and gem of a person

    Learned and gem of a person
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    Wanted Moringa leaves buyer

    Please quote your requirements to enable us to quote for dry moringa leafs Regards.
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    For Sale For sale dry moringa leaf, seeds and plnats

    We can supply in bulk Dry moringa leaf , seeds , powder and plants . Any one interested may please contact . Regards
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    Question License required to farm medicinal plants

    Please share your contact details. We need your valued advise on medicinal plant farming . Regards
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    For Sale Dry moringa leafs seeds & power

    We have in bulk Dry Moringa leaf, powder and seeds . Interested buyers can contact us for details . Regards
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    Available Start your own Vegetable Seed Industry in India

    Good morning Well what are your charges for consultancy for veg farming . Please share the details. Regards
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    We will require 20 Kg seeds for plantation . Please quote your rates and delivery schedule
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    Land Available 900 acre green zone land for sale

    Send land details and GPS location of the lands
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    Land Available 10 Acres of land for Sale

    Pls quote your rates @xsteelin pls use private conversation to contact other members. Sharing of contact information is not allowed.
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    Wanted Medicinal plants. stevia, ashwagandha, tulsi, moringa and other medicinal plants

    Dear fellow members and guest We are looking for purchase medicinal plants in bulk volume . Those who are interested can share the rates and quantity on my contact directly .
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    Article Shyamala Rambhotla – Solar dryers for agriculture

    Dear Sir/ma'am we would like to know more about solar dryer , as we have abundant quantity of tomato , which is wasted due to low market rates. how can i start the solar drying of tomato and who all are the eligible buyers of the products, pls update and advise. regards rajesh.
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    For Sale rice husk pallet/blocks and rice husk ash

    we can supply, pls update me with your requirement and delivery destination, and if possible pls contact
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    For Sale rice husk pallet/blocks and rice husk ash

    We have rice husk pallet/blocks and rice husk ash (white & grey) both. interested parties please feel free to contact. regards
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    For Sale Poultry manure

    Dear Mr Niladri je Please inform the analysis report of the poultry manure mixed with rice husk to analise if it can be useful to us. regards rajesh

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