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    Wanted Lemongrass

    Our Company requires lemongrass. Our target price Rs. 60/- per kg. Interested parties may contact at 09826021601 or mail
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    Our Company has following herbs requirement: Aloevera pulp and moringa powder American Saffron Aloevera Aloevera leaves Watermelon, Lemongrass, ashwagandha, anatto, safed mulsi organic tuermeric spirulina, black turmeric dry ginger chips Those interested in supply, please contact at...
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    For Sale herbs

    We can supply the following: Dhaincha seed @ Rs. 80/- per kg Makoy Panchang @ Rs. 30/- per kg Organic tulsi @ Rs. 80/- per kg Amla with seeds @ Rs. 70/- per kg Amla without seed @ Rs. 145/- per kg Moringa seeds @ Rs. 600/- per kg Reticulata roots @ Rs. 120/- per kg For further details contact...
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    For Sale 097999

    Amla without seed @ Rs. 145/- per kg. and Amla with seed @ Rs. 70/- per kg. contact
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    Wanted Require ashwagandha sabja cardamom sabja seeds

    v require ashwagandha and sabja, sabja seeds, cardamom please contact
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    Wanted Ginger, turmeric, moringa seeds

    V hv requirement for ginger, turmeric, moringa seeds. please contact
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    Wanted Wild forest honey

    We require 600 kg. wild forest honey please contact
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    Wanted 1000 Kgs Stevia

    v require 1000 kg. stevia. please contact
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    Wanted 1000 Kgs CURRY LEAVES

    we need 1000 kgs. curry leaves. contact
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    Wanted Need bags to pack 50 and 75 kg capacity bags.

    We are having business in herbal item powder. We need bags to pack 50 and 75 kg capacity bags. please give us full details and rate sample raj and company emial
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    Moringa leaves

    Our comany requires Moringa dry leaves in bulk quantity. Those who can supply kindly contact us please.....
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    Wanted Wanted moringa leaves in bulk quanitity

    Our company requires Moringa Dry Leaves in bulk quantity. Those who can supply kindly contact us....
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    Clove oil and lemongrass oil

    We have requirement of clove oil and lemongrass oil (please indicate Citronella percentage) please contact
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    Require Wax & honey Urgently..

    Respected All, Our company require Forest Honey & Wax in bulk, Urgently... If any one have Please contact us..
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    Wanted buyers for red sandal

    Kindly send all sample, after examine sample we will place order in bulk Thanks with warm regards VIJAY KUMAR

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