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    strawberry and chrysanthemum cuttings

    need details on cultivar email me
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    Rockwool Slab for Hydroponics

    Details 1. Make/ Maufacturer 2. Aeration ratio We grow vegetables hence need to know they are starter plugs, cubes or slabs or me details
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    Chandler strawberry plants

    Looking for plants Hi we would be keen to order plants, do pass me your phone and email ID. mine is swamyboo at gmail dot com. Are these plants or Plugs? do you also have other varieties such as Albion?
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    Agri-land sale near Nanjangud,ooty-Highway

    Dear Sir, Please let me know the following details. 1) Price per acre 2) Water availability 3) Whether partly sold? say 10-15 acres. Please contact..
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    Farm lands for sale within 100kms from Bangalore

    Ramakrishna please email me details. I am looking approx 10-15 acres, I am leaving service this year and want to spend some time on building a farm for myself. The property must have water ( channel/river/lake/bore/well) and 3 phase power. Can you also help me around Hassan dist? me...
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    18 acre land on Kodaikanal foot hills

    Details Emails details or call shashi st or email
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    Tomato Cultivation in greenhouse

    Arun Kumar you do not need is a great free resource:$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/opp7556
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    46 acres of land near Mettur dam

    Send more details such as total water availability, land details and exact location,Please contact..