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    Wanted Need guidance to start-up a profitable business

    Hi sir am having 5 acres land in Tirupati in that 200 mangos and 430 teak trees(10 yrs age) pls tell me the profitable business middle in that
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    Need suggestions to cultivate aleovera in the gap between two mango trees in Tirupathi

    Hi sir am having 5 acres red soil land near papanaidupet tirupati in that 250 mango trees 7rs old and 420 teak trees 7rs old my question is can we cultivate aleovera gap between two mango trees(10ft) and also gap between two take trees
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    Need suggestion about profitable crops in Tirupathi

    Hello am Sreekanth from tirupati am having 5 acres land near papanaidupet red soil in that 230 mango trees (7yrs) and teak tree 450 so any suggestion on profitable crops
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    Wanted Wanted project reports for profitable agro bussiness.

    Hi sir am having 7 acres red soil agricultural land near Tirupati (papanaidupeta) and 2 bore wells drip system and farm house. In 7 acres we have 400 mango trees and 250 teak trees age is 6 yrs so I want to start business in agricultural is there any possibility pls tell me my investment is...