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    Wanted Lemon powder, mint powder, tulsi powder, hibiscus powder

    We need the following items: Lemon powder Mint powder Tulsi powder hibiscus powder Manufacturers can contact
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    For Sale Pepper for sale.

    We are interested in buying black pepper ungarbled about 10 tons for export purpose. Please quote best price at the earliest
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    Wanted Wanted gall nuts

    We are looking for imported gallnut for our tannic acid manufacturing. Suppliers please reply to email address Ram iyer
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    Price for Bangalore is Rs.200 per kg good big quality ACOVADOS.
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    Please give your contact details so we can call you.
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    We can supply Avocado (BUTTER FRUIT) directly from Farm in Kerala. Interested buyers can contact
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    For Sale Black Pepper

    Black pepper (ungarbled) new crop available at Rs.300 / kg Ex-farm. + gst. Interested buyers contact. White pepper is also available
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    For Sale Gum Damar

    Dear Sir, We have a customer based in Mumbai who is interested in importing Gum Rosin (used in paint industries) about 1000 kgs on trial basis. Kindly quote to us your price for 1 ton on CIF Mumbai basis. They also need Pine oil (32%) used for making floor cleaner as disinfectant. If you have...
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    For Sale Cold Pressed Coconut oil from Kerala

    Ple Please send to me your offer the Cold pressed coconut oil.
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    For Sale Pure coconut Soaps and pure organic health mix powder

    I tried to call on your mobile but no one was picking up. I would like to know what type of organic health mix powder you are making. We know a company making MANNA HEALTH MIX POWDER based in Chennai. Are you making anything similar. We have some inquiries from the U.S.A. Please reply will...
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    For Sale Piper longum root powder

    We can supply 400 MTs per month of Piper longum root powder. This comes under Ayurved category 30039001. Interested buyers please contact Ramakrishnan on 9819283866
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    Wanted Wanted gloriosa superba seeds

    We have gloriosa superba seeds with us. I would suggest that you come down to Coimbatore, check the seeds yourself, negotiate the price, pay and take delivery of gloriosa seeds. That is the best way to do your buying. You can contact me on 9819283866 - Ramakrishnan V
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    For Sale Kadukkai powder (Harad powder) in Salem

    We have 1.5 tons of Kadukkai powder (Harad powder) - Terminalia Chebula powder in Salem. Interested buyers can contact Ramakrishnan V Iyer on 9819283866.
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    For Sale Harad,behada ( karakkaya and tanikaya chilka available

    We have 1.5 tons of Harad powder near Salem (Tamil Nadu). Interested buyers can contact Ramakrishnan Iyer on 9819283866
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    For Sale Theses seeds are available at low rate

    We have 1.5 tons of kadukkai powder at Salem (Tamil Nadu). Contact me, Ramakrishnan on 9819283866 (you can whatsapp me with your requirement on the same number).