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    Wanted Red sandalwood forest wood

    Please give your contact details so we can forward the photos and videos.
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    Wanted Turmeric, coriander, red chilli

    We need finger turmeric, coriander seed and mild red chilli for export purpose. Suppliers please contact .
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    For Sale Herbal tea, lemongrass oil & organic turmeric available

    Can you offer Organic finger turmeric for export to USA with appropriate USAD certificate? Kindly reply .
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    For Sale We have indian ir64 Rice and sona masoori Rice from India.

    Please give your contact phone number (WhatsApp Number) so we can communicate with you.
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    For Sale Vegetables For Sale

    We have requirement of green chilli and lemon for export for one of our customers in pune. Please advice quantity that can be supplied.
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    Wanted Lemon powder, mint powder, tulsi powder, hibiscus powder

    We are located in Navi Mumbai.
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    Required Emu oils

    We have requirement of EMU oil for Export. Any manufacturers can contact us
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    Wanted Lemon powder, mint powder, tulsi powder, hibiscus powder

    We need the following items: Lemon powder Mint powder Tulsi powder hibiscus powder Manufacturers can contact
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    For Sale Pepper for sale.

    We are interested in buying black pepper ungarbled about 10 tons for export purpose. Please quote best price at the earliest
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    Wanted Wanted gall nuts

    We are looking for imported gallnut for our tannic acid manufacturing. Suppliers please reply to email address Ram iyer
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    Price for Bangalore is Rs.200 per kg good big quality ACOVADOS.
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    Please give your contact details so we can call you.
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    For Sale Avocado (Butter fruit)

    We can supply Avocado (BUTTER FRUIT) directly from Farm in Kerala. Interested buyers can contact
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    For Sale Black Pepper

    Black pepper (ungarbled) new crop available at Rs.300 / kg Ex-farm. + gst. Interested buyers contact. White pepper is also available
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    For Sale Gum Damar

    Dear Sir, We have a customer based in Mumbai who is interested in importing Gum Rosin (used in paint industries) about 1000 kgs on trial basis. Kindly quote to us your price for 1 ton on CIF Mumbai basis. They also need Pine oil (32%) used for making floor cleaner as disinfectant. If you have...