Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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  • We are one of the biggest manufactures of Power Tiller in Chongqing province of China, hoping can cooperate with your company, selling the Power Tiller & Walking Tractor that our company produces.
    Take this opportunity, we introduce my company. Chongqing Goodwish Machinery & Electron Co.,Ltd is biggest manufactures of Generator series and tillers. We have already produced and wholesale various industrial products for 35 years. You can view pictures of our company: ¹ÌÍþ»úµç_È«Çò×î´óµÄ»úµçÏúÊÛÍø|΢¸û»ú ΢¸û»úÅä¼þ|ÆûÓÍ»ú ²ñÓÍ»úÅä¼þ ͨ»ú(ÆûÓÍ»ú)Åä¼þ
    As one of the biggest manufactures of farm equipment, aluminum die-casting products, machine processes products and other industrial products in Chongqing province of China. For example: Aluminum die-casting products, Tillers, Cultivators, Power washers, Machine processes products, Cutting mowers, Generator series and so on. We have exported large quantity to USA and Asian countries, deal to high quality and reasonable price. Our main customers are Honda, Bosch, Cummins, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and other Chinese companys.
    If your company feels satisfied, please contact us, I will send you the details of our main products with email. We will with the most special price, the service of the superior quality, provide us with the best production product for your company with all sincerity.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards.
    Your sincerely

    Barbily Deng
    Assistant Manager
    Chongqing Goodwish Machinery & Electron Co.,Ltd
    Add: NO.76 jianxinbeilu,Guanyingqiao,Jiangbei District,Chongqing,China 400020
    Tel:+86-23-66586793 +86-13608305614
    Fax:+86-23-67758001 67758035
    Website:Goodwish Machinery & Electron Co.,Ltd|Power Tillers
    Pictures of Company:¹ÌÍþ»úµç_È«Çò×î´óµÄ»úµçÏúÊÛÍø|΢¸û»ú ΢¸û»úÅä¼þ|ÆûÓÍ»ú ²ñÓÍ»úÅä¼þ ͨ»ú(ÆûÓÍ»ú)Åä¼þ
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