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    For Sale Cinnamon and bay leaves From Assam

    Pls let me know if cinnamon is available with you now, and price per kg
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    For Sale 1st polish Turmeric for sale

    Hi Abhi, pls send me the details I am looking for turmeric for Kolkata. Let me know your terms and conditions ------- We have tons of 1st polish turmeric in Hingoli, Maharashtra.. Genuine buyers contact us
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    Opportunity Required Distributors/stockist

    If you are interested to appoint distributor for West Bengal please mail me the details with terms and conditions. I am from West Bengal and looking for same offer
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    Wanted G4 grade chilly required

    where to contact and what's your requirements, u haven't mentioned and u are not replying also...
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    Wanted G4 grade chilly required

    Pls update quantity required and place of supply
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    For Sale We are ready to supply any bulk quantity of IR64 Rice

    Hi, pls update rate for CNF/CIF Mumbai, required in regular quantity
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    Wanted Potato, Onion and Tomato - Bangalore - Bulk

    Pls mail me the quality details in terms of size as required by you at
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    Wanted Alovera plantation - Contract farming (Buy back policy )

    I am interested , pls update me the details at
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    For Sale Export of Organic and Normal Vegetables & Fruits

    Which country are you targeting, will you be able to supply towards Gulf country
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    For Sale Growing Walnut for profit

    what type of weather / temperature is required for this plant
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    Wanted Rice supplier directly from rice mill

    Looking for rice mill supplier of different types of rice as per availability. Please send offers with specifications at
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    Available experienced farm worker

    Pls let me know if interested in profit sharing plan instead of salary basis
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    Wanted Farm labour on contract basis for land at hill area in West Bengal.

    I am looking for farm labour on contract basis for land at hill area in West Bengal. Land suitable for growing fruits / vegetables / horticulture with cool environment having moderate rainfall almost throughout the year Please mail me at