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    Wanted Lemongrass oil

    Please contact for your requirement of lemon grass oil
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    Available Pachagavia availabe

    We supply good quality Pancha Gavia, Humic acid, Seaweed extract in liquid and granules Please contact
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    Dear Sir, we manufacture Lemon grass oil and Eucalyptus oil with high active principles ...

    Dear Sir, we manufacture Lemon grass oil and Eucalyptus oil with high active principles . Providing consultancy for herbal extract plant setting in small and tiny scale, Organic fertilizer manufacturing units. We are supplying Humic acid and Seaweed extract both in liquid form and coated...
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    Wanted Lemongrass oil

    We have lemon grass oil with high citral content. Please contact me .
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    Question Cumin Processing unit.

    If you want to go for Cumin extraction plant, pl contact S Veerasamy.M.E(Chem)
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    Question Guidance for ginger essence oil extraction and ginger powder extracting unit

    Please contact Herbal extract consultant S.Veerasamy,
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    Question Essential Oil production

    Please contact .
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    For Sale Karanjin Biopesticide

    Pungamia Pinnata , Pungam seed contains Karajin. It is one of the effective plant based pesticide. It is safe to use for Organic cultivation. technology is available for isolation of karanjin from Seed or OIl. S Veerasamy Phyto chemical consultant
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    For Sale Granular Fertilizer -Bentonite with Organic

    We are making granular Fertilizer for vegetables, Paddy and Ground nut. Double Roasted Bentonite Granules / Ball Granules are coated with Fermented seaweed Extract, Potassium Humate Extract, Amino Acid and Probiotics Available in 25 kgs and 10 Kgs bags or Buckets. Very competitive price. Pl...
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    Wanted Organic medicinal herbs

    I need seeds for shadavery ( AspragusRecimoses) cultivation. Kindly contact 9976321642
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    We are at vrudhachalam , cuddalore dist Tamil nad
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    Wanted earthworm Pl contact 997632162

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