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    Cow Dung Selling

    Hi, I am Ravi, will start my dairy farm from July 2011 and currently in a process of visiting other nearby dairy farms to get some practical knowledge. Can you give me your contact # OR address, so that i can visit you dairy farm to get some knowledge, if you are ok with it..!! Thanks In...
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    looking for a Dairy Farm Set up

    Helo, Can you provide me your phone number/email id so that i could contact you which w'll be very helpful for me to set up a dairy farm commencing 2011. Else, u could call me Thanks, Ravi
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    Inviting Partners for Dairy Farming Project in Bangalore.

    Hi, Could you kindly provide me your contact details either mail id /phone #. Looking forward to your reply. Cheers!! Ravi
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    looking for a Dairy Farm Set up

    Helo Raghavendra, Could you provide your contact details or email address. Else, you can shoot an email I want to meet you. Looking forward to meet you!! Ravi
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    Dairy info

    Hi, Please contact.. Regards, Ravi
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    Dairy info

    Hi All, I am Ravi planning to set up dairy farming effective from Jan 2011. I would require some basic information regarding the below: 1) How many cross breed cows can we have in a land of 3.5 acres? 2) what is the investment required other than land and water. 3) From where do we get...
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    Is dairy farm business suitable for a graduate?

    Hi, Starting dairy farming with buffaloes wouldn't be profitable and also it will not serve your purpose of making profit. You should start with some Cross breed cows and in addition to that you can have buffaloes.