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    Need info on Zero budget farming & Intercropping in Banana

    Thanks Shajath ali, Could you please give me the names of the places you visited which had Banana and Ginger together in Karnataka? rgds, vinayak
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    River weed for mulching?

    Hi all, In our village there is a river which is full of river weed, long big spring onion like, i don't know what it is called in English. It also has cattail weed. I was wondering, since that weed is abundantly available, why not cut it and use as mulching for natural farming? Barring...
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    Need info on Zero budget farming & Intercropping in Banana

    Hi, we want to adapt Subhash Palekar's Zero Budget Farming for our Banana farm. We were advised to grow turmeric and ginger as intercrops for better result. Can anyone second this and why? Does any one grow this kind of intercrop in South India, especially in Northern part of Karnataka...
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    Banana market in Goa?

    Dear All, We have our land in North Karnataka and growing banana G9 verity in sufficient quantity to sell around 20 -25 Tons a week. We want to explore Goan market for Banana. Can any one give me leads of whole sale marketers, banana ripening units in Goa? We would also be glad to be...

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