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    Land Required Looking for Agri land within 100KM from Hyderabad

    Hello, We have Agriculture land near Armoor in Nizamabad district. We can lease 6 acre to 10 Acre land for longterm.
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    Land Required Need agriculture land for lease

    We have agriculture land in Nizamabad District. We can give the land on long term lease basis.
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    Job Available Agriculture and allied sector jobs in Canada with PR Visa for Degree Holders with 2 year experience

    Dear sir Please provide further details , we are a consultancy located at Nizamabad in Telangana State and we have many graduate candidates interested in applying to Canada.
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    Opportunity Wanted dealer/distributor for Panchamrutha organic fertiliser

    Please clarify if your biofertilizer suitable for paddy, jowar, turmeric, soya crops in Nizamabad area of Telangana state. Also, clarify if you charge anything from the dealer before allocating dealership. Thank you,
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    For Sale Buffaloes for sale in Hyderabad

    Can pls share u r details on or call on 9542941410....
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    Wanted Agri land of 2-3acres near Hyderabad

    Pls Share u r mob no to me on 9542941410... or
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    For Sale Agriculture land available Sadashivpet

    Iam looking for 2 to 3 acre land near to toopran, medchal and surrounding areas cost below 10 lakh per acre for a dairy farm unit..
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    Question Need guidance to start-up gaushala

    There is no permission required to open a cow centre in india and even u can start it from with in u r house premises. But please make sure that what is the purpose of u r cow shelter...... u want to provide only shelter and feeding to the cows like preserving and protecting them or u want to...
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    Question Want to start small dairy farm

    Where is u r dairyfarm located......
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    Wanted Agriculture land for lease price 25000/- to 50000/- and partnership with land owner

    I have 10 acre land in telangana state, near to nizamabad dist... full water facility but land situated in a village on hyd to nagpur highway at pochampad village. If interested , pls share further requirments on or call on 9542941410
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    Wanted Looking for a dairyfarm on lease at Hyderabad surrounding areas

    I live in kompally, hyderabad. I am looking for a dairyfarm on lease basis near to kompally, medhcal, toopran or any surrounding areas of these places. Minimum 10 animals to max 15 animals. The dairyfarm must have 1 to 2 acre land with water irrigarion for green grass cultivation and also good...
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    How to start a budgeted cow farm with 10 cow's

    For 10 cows it is 5 Lakhs only not 10 lakh.
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    Need guidance on dairy animal shed layout and construction with all ideal features.

    I have 4 acre land wherein I am planing to construct an animal shed for dairy animals with a total of 30 animal capacity. I want to construct the shed in half acre with all features like cow urine collection, dung storage, fodder storage, water storage etc. I am looking for some designs and...
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    Wanted Wanted to buy 4 to 5 jersey cows in their 2nd or 3rd lactating stage preferably in Hyderabad.

    Looking to buy 4 to 5 jersey cows in their 2nd or 3rd lactating stage with a milk yield of 15 to 20 lit per day. Preferably in Hyderabad surroundings. Health certificate along with vaccination details and feeding details should be provided. Please send a tentative quotation to...
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    Wanted Wanted to buy high yield buffalloes like murrah, jaffarbadi for a startup dairy farm

    Hi, I am based near Hyderabad area with own agriculture land. I am planing to start a small dairy with 5 to 6 high yield buffalloes of Murrah or Jaffarbadi. I wanted to buy 5 to 6 animals in the first instance so kindly provide links and contacts who can give the best quotation for the same. I...