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    Promising verities of Turmeric seed available for Sale

    We are cultivating most promising verities of turmeric. These verities from IISR(Indian Institute of Spice Research). We are harvesting in Feb'16 First week. We have started taking orders. If you need seed please contact us on Reach us on 7382602033
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    IISR Prathibha Turmeric Seed for Sale

    We are cultivating IISR Prathibha Turmeric in large scale in organic way. The seed will be available by Jan 2015. Please contact for seed requirement. There will be huge demand for Prathibha Turmeric seed. Please book in advance to get the seed for next year...
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    Need Prathibha Turmeric Seed

    Hi, Currently we are cultivating Prathibha turmeric in large scale. Seed will be ready by Jan 2015. If you still need Prathibha seed for next year please contact Thanks