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    Required Medicinal herb contract cultivation

    Dear Friends, I am interested to do contract cultivation medicinal plants with buy back guarantee. You can grow some 2-4 year crops along the fence and get reasonable revenue. Please contact through private message. Thanks. I will guide you for cultivation. I will do at least 10 types of crops...
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    Land Required Agriculture land (Preferably 10 acre) required in southern states for organic certificate

    10 - acre agriculture land required is in southern states for organic certification and cultivation. Land is required on lease. Leasing period is minimum 10 years. Irrigation facility is must. I want to grow food crops and medicinal plants. I also needed Agriculture graduates or life science...
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    Question Tree Saplings wanted in Thenkulapakkam, Tindivanam, Villupuram District. Tamilnadu

    Myself a botanist, wrote book on trees in Tamil and English.
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    Advertising Book on 200 commercially Important medicinal plants by Santhan P

    Dear all, I have published a book on important medicinal plants in Tamil and English. I hope this will be useful to the people who all interested to know about medicinal plants and students of Medicinal herbs related studies.
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    Wanted Cactus - Opuntia ficus-indica

    Has anybody grow Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) for commercial use? I want to use it powder for research purpose.
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    For Sale Salacia chinensis - diabetes tea plant seedlings for sale

    (Ekanayakam, ponkorandi, swarnamoola, kadalanji) Salacia chinensis 4-5 years for maturity - diabetes tea seedlings for sale. Shrub or small tree suitable for plains and hill area, grow with minimum water requirement. Can be planted as a border crop or intercrop. Root is having regular...
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    Are you still dealing organic crops, is certified, what herbs you are dealing?, where your land...

    Are you still dealing organic crops, is certified, what herbs you are dealing?, where your land located? Thanks Santhan.
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    Wanted Agriculture land for organic cultivation

    Dear Members I want 10 acre Agriculture land for certified organic cultivation for 10 year lease basis from southern states. If you want to do I will guide you. I want to grow Medicinal herbs such as Tulasi, Brahmi, jalabrahmi, kalmeg, Turmeric etc. Interested members contact through private...
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    Land Required Wanted Agriculture land with good water facility for certified organic farming

    I am looking for Agriculture land for certified organic farming of Medicinal herbs. Good water facility is required. Please contact through private message.It will convenient from southern states. Thanks Santhan
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    Question Medicinal and Aromatic plants contract farming

    Pl let me know your location, I am a Bangalore based medicinal plant expert. Thanks
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    For Sale Vetiver slips.

    Vetiver slips(Planting material) available near Puthur (Thirupati) Andhra Pradesh, interested persons can send private message. Thanks.
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    Wanted Flower plants and other tree saplings

    Nice , but most of them will need cool Himalayan climate.
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    Wanted Flower plants and other tree saplings

    Ixora, Tabernaemontana, Nerium oleander, Hibiscus, Tulasi etc plants, Amala, jack, bael etc. tree saplings will be good for giving as gift. Kindly let me know your location Thanks Dr. Santhan 7825885409
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    Wanted Organic medicinal herbs