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    Question Need Capsicum seeds of Green,Red and Yellow?

    I have capsicum crop experience in 5 years any information you need please contact.
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    Job Required Looking Farm manager

    I am completing for Agriculture, I have 5 years experience of poly house & open filed cultivation also soil less cultivation good knowledge in all types of vegetables
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    Job Required Farm manager

    1) qualifications : agri 2 )organic farm exp: 3year 3) No 4 ) Know vermicompost knowledge 5 ) Yes own motorcycle.. Yes I am interested, pls contact me
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    Job Available Aquaponics Farm Operation Resource wanted.

    Sir I have 4 year experience of organic farming
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    Job Available Supervisor needed for our farm

    Sir I am Agriculture graduate I have 6 year poly house farming and open field cultivation experience. I have good knowledge in all type of vegetable crops.

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