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    Question Vanilla farming in Ratnagiri Maharashtra

    Yes , you can contact with me
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    For Sale Bamboo seeds.

    I sent my number in private conversation. You can check
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    For Sale Cinnamon Bark

    I sent my contact number in private conversation, you can check. I am from Assam, Guwahati.
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    For Sale Bamboo seeds.

    I have available bamboo seed. All variety off Bamboo Seed avilable. Such as, polymarpha, tulda, moso bamboo , tulda , Dendrocalamus gigantus, stictus bamboo , olivery bamboo, bambusa balcooa tissue culture bamboo, all type of rizome of bamboo, seed, bamboo plant, We deliver all over India, very...
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    For Sale Cinnamon Bark

    I have avilable cinnamon inner bark and outer bark. Cassia variety of cinnamon. True cinnamon. If someone need , then please contact with me..I am from Assam , Guwahati. If anybody interested then direct message me private conversation. Thank you all.
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    For Sale Agarwood plant available

    Yes , we can deliver,send me your contact number.. I sent my number in private conversation, check it .
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    For Sale Agarwood plant available

    I have available agarwood plant and cinnamon plant.2 feet above height.I m from Assam. If someone needs, contact me. I will sell at a reasonable price.
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    Yes ,, of course sir,, I am from Assam Hojai. District. You can cultivation in Jorhat. There is no issue... I have avacado fruit plant. You can purchase me all types of fruit plant and forestry plant ornamental plants, carpet grass, seed.
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    Wanted Forest seed collectors

    I have all types of forestry seeds is available.. we can sell very low price.. please contact with me...
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    Available Apple farming - Guidance

    I have all type of variety of apple is available..if someone needs,, then contact details send me in private conversation
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    Wanted Chinese teak

    I need Chinese teak plant quantity 4000. height 1 feet above. If anyone has stock please send the number In private message.
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    Wanted Nursery polybag

    I sent my number, you check private message
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    Wanted Want Banganapalle/Benishan Mangoes in bulk

    I am a plant supplier from Assam, I can supply mango plant . You can contact with me. I sent my number in private conversation. Please check.
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    Question Need suggestion for teak growing in 2 acre farm land

    I am a consultant in agriculture department also doing business in a Nursery farm. I have avilable all types of plant.From Assam. What is the main issue in your land. You can contact with me. Thanks for
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    I have available, you can contact with me. From Assam.