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    For Sale Saplings / seedlings available........

    Please send quotation for 1-2 year old sandalwood plants, 1000 pieces to
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    Organic Turmeric for sale

    Over 40 kiloes of Organic turmeric for sale, please contact +919920044871
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    Sale of Gloriosa Superba seeds and Spirulina of any quantity

    Dear Sir, I am interested in purchasing 1kg or Gloriosa Superba seed and a starting kit for spirulina production. Kindly send me details on method of spirulina production. Regards, Michael Lewis Mumbai
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    pineapple suckers(planting material ) available in bulk

    pineapple slips kindly quote for3,000 pineapple suckers delivered bombay, maharashtra first week june 2013. what variety of pineapple, and size?
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    Pineapple slips

    I am looking for 3000 pineapple slips for agricultural purposes. Please contact me on or
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    Peking ducklings/eggs

    I am looking for 500 peking ducklings or hatching eggs for breeding purposes. Please contact me at or