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    heat reflective coatings

    The cost will be depending on the surface, like on the concrete it will be 20Rs and for metal it will be Rs 18. (boath of these coatings are warranted for minimum five years)
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    heat reflective coatings

    Weare the applicators,for heat reflective coatings for roofs which reflects 80% of ir and uv rays back into the atmosphere resulting reduction in surface tempratur by minimum 15 c*. This will help to increse the production by at least 10 to 15%.
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    Plantation of Stevia

    stevia dear sir we can guide you for plantation,first of all you should go for stevia cultivation with saplings insted of seeds to avoid the rate of mortalities., we willbe happy to assosiate with you as consultants., Please contact.... regards;. naresh kumar bhanot
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    we want planting material for 50 acers pl quote. naresh; Please contact....

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