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    Land Required 25-50 acre agricultural land around Valliyur/Kalakkad/Tirunelveli area.

    I am looking to buy 25-50 acre agricultural land around Valliyur/Kalakkad/Tirunelveli area. Max price limit is Rs. 3 lakhs per acre. Clear title can help in instant conclusion and full payment...
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    Land Required Interested in cheap agriculture land in India

    Give me details & Share Location
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    For Sale 300 acre land available in Kodaikanal

    Please mail full details of land with photos, google map location pin and present income from land etc. Also specify whether it is on auction based sale-as you mentioned it is bank property, which means it is bank attached property that can be sold only on auction.mail ID :
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    Land Available 100 acres land for sale in NH road connecting Tamilnadu and Kerala

    YesI am interested Can you provide soil type, water availability contact no and any other details. Thanks
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    Wanted Interested to buy agri land in Tamilnadu

    I'm interested to buy agri land for farming. Looking for cheap Agri Land @ Rs 1Laks to 1.25 Lakes per Acre(75 to 100 Acre) Tamilnadu. Please contact me mail id

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