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  • we are interested in jatropha crude and biodiesel machinery plz contact on 9141237452
    We came across your company in a website and we are Interested in Jatropha Crude for Bio diesel production. If your company can supply the same please contact us with complete details.


    Dir sir,
    i would like to know about the bio diesal plant farming.
    Thanking you
    arun tanwar
    Dear Badrinath,

    can you please share your contact detail. I am also from DVG.

    Look forward for your reply.

    hi,tried sending you a personal message regarding cashew oil,please send a mail to,so that we can discuss further.
    dear friend,
    kindly communicate details of qty. & qlty. of animal wast requirement to me via. email than i will study and come back to regards,
    Dear Sir,

    India's most successful Renewable technology is till date Biogas.

    Altenatively-Biomass(fast growing Grass) based biogas.

    Purify, compress at low pressure(30-35 bar using adsorption technology)

    Use it for cooking/Electricity/Vehicle fuel etc.,

    we can make sustainalbe pollution free Village,towns in allover India using Biomass(fast growing Grass) based Biogas.
    Please give us your valuable 1 hour time I will explain the project In detail.

    we have demo project for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,
    K.Lakshmi Narayanan.
    Dear Friend,

    Please let me know when you are comming to chennai..
    My contact nu : 9884271122 (chennai)

    Hello Mr.Bhadrinath

    I would like to know from you at what cost you able to produce the Biodesil (B100).Could you tell me the extraction process and what is the mix u used in your vechicle.

    Please send me the information to

    Hi, I am from southern most part of tamil nadu and I would like to evaluate biodiesel at a small scale just for usage in the farm. Please contact me with further details about your project machinery and such
    I will like to get details about the cultivation of Jatropha in a commercial way in Utter Pradesh NORTH INDIA and the names/email address of the persons /Agriculturist engagged in its farmimg
    I like to get details about the cultivation of Jatropha in a commercial way in Maharastra and in Tamil Nadu southern Area . E mail:
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