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    Question Can one set-up ginger dehydration and powder making unit on agricultural land itself?

    Do some research on areas of ginger production, isralean tech! Cost involved and why most not being exported?
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    Question Can one set-up ginger dehydration and powder making unit on agricultural land itself?

    Ginger not grown in Maharashtra! Processing cost won't favour while you source from 1000 kms away. Why then!
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    Available Organic tender coconut

    Very good. Please share quantity available rate ex-farm and organic certificate.
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    Wanted Cardmom

    Please chek my detailed offer on your page.
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    Question Govt Subsidy Maharashtra

    Suggest to interact with the RM/AGM - NABARD for authentic reply.
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    Question Exporting Ashwagandha root

    Needs big infrastructure, accreditations which is a costly affair. I won't suggest that for one product extraction. Merchant exporter does not fit in as the foreign buyer needs fully endorsed products and other country's quarantine, customs adhere stringent, predefined quality parameters.
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    Interesting. Request to share required details and your experience in dairy farming on this site which will be encouraging many prospective investors.
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    Available Dairy farm for sale

    Request following details here. Suggest to reply below questions* No shelter for those cows? In which lactation? How many are pregnant? Number of animals in production? Production per cow per day. Who is buying mail from you? Free eb? Ground water source? Fencing? Workers? Regards.
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    For Sale Alphonso mangoes

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    Question Is solar freezer available?

    Mobile Freezer Box available, patent pending, IIT Chennai invention* No ice required* Also with UV led to sanitize any product, utility items. Multipurpose* Zero maintenance.
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    Wanted Cardmom and cloves

    All agricultural products are Collected from Farmers Only* Offer. Green Cardamom: 6-7-8 mm pods. These are re arranged to offer in 21 grades! This weekend, ₹ 2300-2850. PKG 5-10-15-25 kg bags depending on total consignment volume. Black Pepper: Best variety is MG1* Malabar Gold. ₹ 450/kg...
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    Wanted Wanted Drumstick and Okra - Bangalore - Regular Order

    Bhindi/Lady's finger ₹ 36-38/kg Drumsticks ₹ 28-36/kg Qty - more than a ton per produce. Delivery at door. Full advance remittance with PO One day before* Offer valid for A day. Shall offer every day with availability status. If interested, say yes, shall extend coordinates on your wall to...
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    Question How to prevent plant root from termite by organic way?

    We are promoting a medicinal herbal formulation since 10 years. 100% herbal, so Natural, specific eradication of Termites*

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