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    Wanted Looking for first quality spices, nuts and oils for export with best price.

    Destination? Qlty requirements accordingly, we shall support with required documents and offer. Indicate following details. Products Variety Size PQC required to buyer's FDA, customs. Offer shall be declared accordingly.
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    For Sale Organic Curry Leaves

    Our requirement 1000+ kgs weekly. Aditi certificate as per their declaration is not 100% on EPA/Canadian protocol. do you only apply AYUSH certified inputs? can you back it with input log?
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    Available Organic farming consultancy, Marketing support, Certification and Bankable project report

    Go for Guava, Papaya, Pomogranate or vegetables farming*
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    For Sale Organic Curry Leaves

    Qty available per week? Cost on exw. ORGANIC CERTIFICATE must* if termed as Organic!
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    For Sale Spirulina

    We produce. By an Indian scientist, who us granted a R&D fund of ₹7 million, has his own production unit, ISO, GMP certified * Product is SAFE, loaded with Natural Nutritional values* Offer on exw, TN, MOQ 100 kg. ₹600/kg includes GST, transportation cost additional *
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    For Sale Organic moringa leaf

    5 tons required with Organic certificate. Rate ex works and location?
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    Wanted Wanted - Organic moringa leaves

    Not possible by any single supplier* and sourcing from many shall create qlty issues in whole lot. This is the Stringent qlty adhering person in the F&B industry since 3 decades and I am being honest, transparent and deliver what being agreed. You have my email address, if you are a serious...
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    Wanted Wanted - Organic moringa leaves

    Email me your organisation's profile and RFQ. Guaranteed supply assured with the existing own farms outsourcing contracts and full pledged solar drying process to accept, deliver required quality , quantity, plant in central Tamilnadu.
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    Question Spirulina

    Well fellas, Forget the dream on Spirulina Production* 1 Purely, Highly technical. 2 Only PhD in Algal Production with Production experience Only can do a professional job. 3 Big investment requirement and long-term returns ensured Only if the Production is sold in continuation without...
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    Question Spirulina

    Dont* Around 5 projects are Sick Around Krushna, Khammam Dts.
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    Opportunity Collaboration

    Sattenapalle area is well suited for Lime gardening, go for it Blindly.
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    For Sale Organically grown, naturally ripened mangoes from a sustainably managed farm, Bangalore

    What A price. Priciest than GI certified Alphonso*

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