Growel Agrovet Private Limited is a company of top notch veterinary & management professionals committed to manufacture highest quality veterinary medicine and the ethics of the veterinary profession, behind this company there are top veterinary scientists.

Growel Agrovet products are manufactured in GMP & ISO - 9001:2008 compliant facilities. The veterinary medicine which we offer is prepared from genuine raw materials. Our feed supplements are pure, nutritious and of accurate formulation. Growel Agrovet Private Limited is formed as companies act 1956. The roots of this company is 12 years old .We are known due to our quality and result oriented products.

Growel Agrovet offers superior high performance products and services in its portfolio and the most effective customer-focused service. This is accomplished through the strong science base and the company’s R&D engine, a customer-centric organization and dedicated staffs, its high-quality manufacturing operations and processes, and its sophisticated approach to relationship with the customers.

Growel Agrovet medicines and feed supplements are unique as they are manufactured using the best ingredients in the right proportions in order to be a boon for the animals and the farmers.