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    Looking for agri land of 2-5 acres with in 40 kms from Hyderabad

    I am looking for 2- 5 acres of land around Hyderabad with in 40 kms..with good water facility.Please let me know if you have land to sell.
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    Land required Budget 10lacs 100kms Radius Hyderabad

    land Hi, Iam also looking for land for the same purpose that you are looking. Did u get any so far?
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    Dairy Farmer from Hindupur

    Hi What exactltly are you looking for?.I sent my contact in PM.
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    Looking to purchase agriculture land around Hyderabad

    Hi, I am looking to purchase 5 acres of agriculture land around 40-50 kms from Hyderabad. Please PM me if any one is planning to sell.Land should be clear title and should have water source.Should be connected to the road. Purpose is to start dairy farming. Thanks Mohan
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    Dairy Farm investors at Hyderabad

    Hi Location would be hyderabad.We can discuss in detail.Pls PM me with ur number.
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    Dairy Farm as Joint venture around Hyderabad

    Please call me sent message to u
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    Dairy Farm investors at Hyderabad

    Sent you message..Please call me
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    Dairy Farm as Joint venture around Hyderabad

    Hi, I am planning for dairy farm around Hyderabad.What I am looking for is..if you are also planning..I want to start dairy as group(not partnership) might be near by or in the same land if the land supports.This way it will be helpful for both of us to market the milk and share the resources...
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    Dairy Farm investors at Hyderabad

    Total investment is 50 L.Each partner what ever they want to invest from5-10 lacs
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    Looking for HF Cross breed Cows in Hyderabad

    Hi, I am planning to start dairy with 50 HF cross breed cows in Hyderabad. Please let me know if there is any availability.Please send me the details like age,ltrs per day,price.pls send to dcmohanreddy at yahoo dot com. Also if there are any existing dairy farms having hf cows please let...
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    Land Required Agri land for lease for dairy farm - Hyderabad

    Hi, I am looking for agriculture land for long term lease around Hyderabad to start Dairy Farm.Please contact me if you have any. Thanks Chandra
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    Dairy Farm investors at Hyderabad

    Hi, Myself and my friends looking forward to start a dairy farm near Hyderabad which we would want to make it as industry and looking for LIKEMINDED investors. Please let us know if any one is looking to invest. Thanks Chandra
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    Need Investor for Sheep Farming Project in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

    Hi Raheem, I am from Kurnool dist and planning to start dairy farm. Please let me know your land details and if we can move ahead. Thanks

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