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    available for sale castor seeds and soya bean seeds in bulk

    castor seed Please send quote to for Jaipur delivery in bulk.
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    Wants Neem cake and bone meal

    contact for neem & its product 9830071532
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    Food Security Bill

    Food for all It is not good for our country. It is a scheme to make most of the people 85% population as ideal eaters with no work and no future . If food is distributed to 85% of population at a throwaway price, the good quality will go to the houses of politicians first, than medium will go...
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    Oil expeller for sale

    Oil Expeller Please send size, place, price to
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    Wanted neem cake powder with oil

    Neem oil & Cake We have in ready stock export quality Expeller Neem Cake and Neem Oil at our Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Kolkata (West Bengal) Unit. contact 9830071532
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    neem oil

    For Kolkata @ 150/-per Lit, packing charge extra
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    For Sale neem leaf powder making machine

    please send quote with complete details to
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    Neem seeds required regularly

    Neem Seed Where you require (delivery point), and packing. write to
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    neeem oil production

    Neem Oil unit Where you want to setup, contact 9830071532
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    want to purchase neem cack and bone meal f application in fruit crops in large quant

    Neem Cake Dear Sir, We, Bicco Agro Products P.Ltd., based in Kolkata and Jaipur (India) are Manufacturer/Exporter/Trading company mainly dealing in Medicinal Plants, Herbs, seeds, non edible oils and various agro Chemicals (organic) for agriculture use. We have ready stock of cold pressed...
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    neem oil

    We can supply
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    Guar seeds wanted

    Guar Seed Rs.300/- contact for bulk quantity
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    Guar seeds

    Guar Seed Rs.300/- contact for bulk quantity
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    Lemom grass oil

    Lemon grass oil We are the seller contact with full details and contact information for long term business.
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    Lemongrass oil with 87.86% citral content

    We are the buyer contact with full details and contact information for long term business.

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