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    looking for F1 capsicum red seeds pls let me know the availability
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    Tissue culture plants

    Tissue culture Banana, Anthurium and Orchid plants for sale.
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    Different vegetable seeds available in small packig for hobby growers. pls contact if interested
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    booking for red lady papaya

    How many seeds will be there in one packet?
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    What is the best crop for poly house precision farming

    We recommend Salad cucumber and cowpea which are very much suited for our climate and easy to manage. We can supply seeds for the same. Also we can grow lady finger, tomotto,brinjal and capsicum. but capsicum and tomotto are difficult to manage regds
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    Tissue culture for propagating anthurium flower plants

    Dear Sir We can supply you anthurium exagar plants. pls contact at
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    Gerbera Plants

    Good quality tissue culture gerbera plants with flower and seedlings for sale.....
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    Looking for organic products - bulk

    We will be able to supply differenttypes of Organic Growth promoters, Pesticides, fungicides etc. Please feel free to contact us for further clarifications
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    Gerbera plant for sale

    Dear Sudhakar Please let me know the details, varieties, colours and pricing of flowering plants also. Pleas send me your contact number and details, so that i can make a free call to you regds bino
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    Wanted Teakwood Trees and Plantations

    Dear dharitri Please let me know the rate of stumps at the earliest, and how many nos you can supply regds binoy
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    gerbera plant for sale

    Gerbera We will be able to supply Tissue culture hardened Gerbera plants, cutflower varieties, ready for field planting, and the price wil be Rs 30/-Ex Cochin
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    NPK 191919 Ferilizer

    Banana fertiliser Guideline for Fertiliser Schedule - banana 1 month after planting Urea 50,Single Super Phosphate (gms/plant)65, Murate of Pottash (gms/plant) 65 2 month after planting Urea 50,Single Super Phosphate (gms/plant)00, Murate of Pottash (gms/plant) 65 3 month after...
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    Gerbera plants Dear Sir Please contact us for good quality tissue culture gerbera plants. Please contact us AVT Biotechnology :: Index
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    Garbera Plantation - Thane

    Gerbera plants Dear Sir We will be able supply you with good quality tissue culture gerbera plants. if you are interested please contact us
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    i want to start to gerbera flower farm

    Gerbera Dear all You can contact us in the following address for gerbera plant details AVT Biotechnology, Cochin Kerala, for more details please log on AVT Biotechnology :: Index

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