Business Opportunities in Agriculture: 150 Field Interviews (Book)

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  • Dear Nishant

    very good project concept can be structured for software professionals even without resigning from job

    contact me at
    Dear Anil,

    I am impressed with your comments on thread for "Software Professionals Turned Farmers". I am a manager in s/w firm and want to get in agriculture field.Primary reason is that I feel a lot of improvement can be made in agricuture field and in-turn to the quality of life for many people.At the same time,agriculture is financially rewarding as well.

    I don't have any experience in agri business.I want to quit my current job and get full time into agri.

    Can you please advise me what all planning I should do before that? And any suggested roadmap to get into agri?

    It would be great if you can please provide your contact details.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dear Friend,
    1. I am a serving central govt officer and have around 300 acres of land in Khajuraho. Khajuraho as itself is not even a Distt of MP. It comes within Chhatarpur Distt of MP. This land is only 7 km away from Distt headquarter of Chhatarpur.
    2. Two seasonal rivers are dividing this land and thats how, the water table is hardly 20-30 feet. The land has good road connectivity (on black damour road), electricity and a very safe & secured environment. As discussed over phone, we are currently growing wheat, Channa, Groundnuts and Till (pulses) over that land. Since I am a working so not able to directly look after that land.
    details are given below:-
    (a) Nearest airport-- Khajuraho, 20 Km away.
    (b) Nearest Railway Stn-- Chhatarpur, 4 Km away.
    (c) Nearest City-- Chhatarpur, 7 Km away
    (d) appx population of City-- appx 20 lacs.

    3. The average PH value of water is 7.5.

    Looking forward for some positive reply.
    with Regards.. Anjani Tiwari (09621784808)
    Mr Anil
    I am interested in purchasing 22 acres agriculture land in North Karnataka. For which you are written. Please give further details i.e water/Road/Electricity etc or contact me on 9869808507.(

    Regards Pradeep
    Mr. Anil
    yes I want buy 2 acres of farm especially with mango cultivations with in 50-60kms radius preferably towards kunigal & magadi side with good road approach

    Chandrashekar D
    spkbiotech tamilndu we provide all kinds for agri kindly send to your contacts my contact 9865093033
    Thank u Mr. Anil. Can i have a chat with u, u seem to be very experienced in cropping. My NAME IS KAUSHIK AND I AM FROM VIZAG AND MY CONTACT NUMBER IS +919908268413
    Dear Mr. Anil ,
    I like to meet u and know more about you as u seem to be advicilg people about everything under the sun. How many acres of agricultural land do u own and have had practical experience in cultivation of any one of these crops. For this will help the people u seem to be advicung to know you better.
    9442187773 call
    i want any bussines from agriculture because my brother and father both are doing very well farming in my villege (villupuram-sembiyanmadevi) so please help me any one

    Regards with
    Ramakrishnan J
    Dear Mr.Anil
    I’m venkatesh from TN Thiruvannamalai Dist I’m from middle class family.
    I've 3.5 acres land in my village my father digged a well but full or rocks no water I'd like to know can I put a bore well,

    My surrounding lands are with water how can I find the land water level?
    A old man from my village using neam stick marked a place to put bore well can I trust him pl guide me
    Dear Sir,

    Do you have any experience in developing barren land for Agro-Forestry(Eucalyptus). Where are you based.


    Dear Mr Anil Patil,
    These days I am not well due to heavy change in wheather having confirm ticket on 10/11/2008 but unable to travel due to health.
    As soon as finalise my next programme I'll inform you accordingly.
    Sorry for inconvienence .
    Best Regards
    Raakesh Mohan
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