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    Fish farming

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    I need information about male sheep farming

    Hello I am interested to start only male sheep farming of 100 nos. can anybody help me by telling the following 1)what is the land requirement for fooder cultivation & what type of fooder. 2)what would be the price of small ram of 3-4 months old. Where from I can get these sheep for...
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    Wanted information about sheep farming in Rayadurg, Anantapur Dist.

    Myself Pandu, I am mechanical engineer am from Rayadurg, Anantapur Dist in Andhrapradesh. I am having 15 acr land now I am interesting in sheep farming business Please give me the information
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    Assistance in business plan for Sheep, Poultry and Quail farming

    Dear Mr Kantharaj, iam also sheep farming can i send you my email? Thankyou