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    For Sale Lemongrass and vetiver slip

    We want to sale lemongrass,and Vetiver slip.
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    Job Required Farm manager or farm development

    I have 20year experience in farm development and MAPs cultivation।
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    Advertising lemongrass contract farming and buy back agrrment

    I cane supply of lemongrass slip only Rs.0.60 per slip plus transport.thank SP Singh mob 9670641686
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    Advertising Medicinal Plant Cultivation

    Dear Sudhakar You came cultivate lemongrass. SP Singh mob.9670641686
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    Farm Manager wanted in Theni Tamilnadu to manage 100 acres

    If you want cultivate lemongrass , Vetiver, palmorossa pls contact.this crop have no any risk in cultivation. SP Singh 9670641686
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    Need Vetivar cultivation culsontansy job.
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    Low Cost Drip Irrigation Solutions

    Please give cost per metre lateral and wallthekness. 9670641686
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    KS-1 and Simbridhi .@0.50rs/slip
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    We want to sale vetivar slips.
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    I have 20 year of exp of Vetivar, lemongrass cultivation .
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    New in Farming - Need Guidance

    Pls discus area and climet on your farm I cultivate lemongrass and vetivar and I get maximum output in agriculture.SP Singh 9670641686
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    Subsidy Drip to All Farmers in INDIA.

    Sir I need 10 acr drip but pls told 500micron and16mm radios cost per meter.SP Singh 9670641696
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    stevia Cultivation consultancy In M.P.

    we can provide rs.0.60/plant of Stevia. pls call or
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    Lemon grass cultivation

    pls call for lemongrass cultivation.i cultivate it . S.P.Singh9455468621
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    Profitable Multicropping Medicinal Plant Cultivation with assured Buyback

    Dear Member if you cultivate Vetiver +Chamomile,you can gate Rs3-4 lakh/acr.

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