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Dr. Surangna Jain on “Additives used in food processing & preservation and their health implications”

Dr. Surangna Jain is a Health Coach and Lifestyle Speaker at Lifestyle Speaks in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Surangna Jain  says additives are substances that are used during food processing and preservation to maintain the quality, texture, aroma and the appearance of the different food products. Some additives are added to enhance the nutritional value of a food product or enhance their shelf life whereas some enter into the food product as a result of food production, processing or storage. The importance of adding food additives are many but it is also crucial to assess the risks they put on human health and to use them without any harmful effects.Some additives have adverse effects on our health due to which this topic has become highly controversial. These include certain chemical and synthetic additives which are known to have carcinogenic effects on us. In addition to this we as consumers also need to be more aware about them and how we can determine which food product is actually good for us and not. This talk will be a valuable source for everyone to understand about it in more detail.

Meeting was held on: August 24, 2021 5:00 pm
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