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Dr. Shashidhar G Parsi on "Broccoli - Cultivation practices, market information and health benefits"

Dr. Shashidhar G Parsi is the Senior Crop Manager at Sakata Seed India Pvt. Ltd. in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Dr. Shashidhar G Parsi says broccoli in the recent years has developed as one of the miracle vegetables owing to its vast health benefits to humans. The demand for this Broccoli is seeing an exponential increase day by day. Sales was earlier restricted only to major cities and shopping malls, but now it is available in local vegetable shops across India. Farmers have also shown keen interest in cultivating this vegetable. It is a win-win situation for both farmers as well as consumers as this vegetable fetches high price in the market and with health benefits comparable to none. In this regard, educating the farmers about Broccoli cultivation, pests and diseases and health benefits will motivate the farmers to grow this vegetable and its increased consumption will keep the society healthy.

Meeting was held on: July 27, 2021 5:00 pm
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