Dr. M. R. Dinesh on “Horticulture to make Farming an Enterprise”

Dr. M.R. Dinesh, Director of IIHR has studied at University of Agricultural Sciences and obtained B.Sc (Hort.) M.Sc (Hort.) and PhD (Hort.). He has worked on the breeding of papaya, guava and mango for more than two decades. He started his career with papaya breeding programme and has released two gynodioecious varieties ‘Arka Surya’ and ‘Arka Prabhath’. He was one of the team members in mango and guava breeding programmes, which resulted in the development of one guava variety ‘Arka Mridula’ and one mango variety ‘Arka Udaya. To know more view¬†https://bit.ly/2A5l7wp

This meeting was held on June 22, 2020 1:00 pm
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