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Dr. Akhilesh Kumar on “How to plan and execute profitable horticulture business”

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar is the  Founder & CEO of Eden Horticulture Services in Karnal, Haryana.  He is running his own horticulture consultancy firm since 2016 and have consulted several projects across India. To know more view 

Dr. Akhilesh Kumar says in recent time many budding agripreneurs/ investor want to invest in hi-tech horticulture viz. hydroponic, aeroponic, greenhouse technologies and soil less cultivation etc. but they do not understand what are the factors that will be affecting their business economics. Such factors need to be consider while project planning and execution itself to minimize their investment risk. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar is also Editor in Chief of bimonthly magazine EDEN HORTI through which he is educating people about precision farming and horticulture business.

During this meeting, Dr. Akhilesh Kumar will be sharing his experience on how to do SWOT analysis and customize your own horticulture project at your location. 

Meeting was held on: February 21, 2022 3:00 pm
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