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Thread: Cow shed feeding design

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    Default Cow shed feeding design

    We are into commercial dairy farming.We are building our new shed.In earlier one,the manger is being used for putting the feed morning and evening and after that we clean it and fill water and keep.This way,eventhough the animals get water all the time,the feed like green fodder is not available,because water is kept in for drinking in manger.
    I wish if anyone have ogt any idea/suggession to help me out in manger in such a way that I could keep the feed as well as all the time water is also available to them.

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    Default Question

    Why do you have to store water in the Manger? Can you not put a sintex or something outside to store water and use a Pipe to supply?

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    Default cow shed designn

    one trough sould hold about 70-85 kg fresh forage, enough feed for a day. Just construct a trough for water next to that.

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    Default cow shed design

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    the cheapest solution is to dig some spce on side of the manger and keep a bucket for water at convenient height for the cow

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