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Thread: Suitable crops for deep black cotton soil

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    Default Suitable crops for deep black cotton soil

    we have been farming 50 kms. from Nagpur.our land is deep black cotton soil.
    we are dependent on soyabeen &cotton as cash crops which not giving good profits,want to change the pattern & get into horticulture,tried for orange&lime but not got results as vegitative growth has been good but fruiting does not reaches good fruiting.
    Pl.suggest most sutaible cash crops or horticultaral crops for deep B.C. soil in extreme climate of Nagpur,Maharashtra ,India. we have ample of water all yr.around.

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    Default black soil

    Black soil is rich in chemical properties and very suitable for the growth of cotton, jowar, wheat, linseed, ground nut and gram. In horticulture crops Mango, Sapota, Guava and Banana are main fruit crops and vegetables like Peas, Brinjal, Tomato, Green chilli etc. are grown.

    In black soil, there should be proper drainage of water. There are mainly two problems in black soil i.e. water logging and soil salinity.

    Therefore, need is to manage both problems.


    Manoj Singh

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    Default Black cotton soil crops through consultancy

    Dear sir
    We (Medicinal Plant's research and propagation society)shall be pleased to guide you on the correct path as consultants.Remember the money spent on consultancy is never wasted.You may not know the reason as to why crops are not giving benefit you had expected.We will guide you to grow combination of crops whose return shall be good.Pl get the soil tested for pH
    factor.Pl contact me on private mail giving details of your e mail id/phone number in case interested.

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