MODICARE, the leading Indian network marketing company added a new chapter to its history by launching Active-80, an agricultural product developed for the Indian farmer.
The launch of Active-80 substantiates the company philosophy of empowering people & giving them tools to realize their dreams. Since India is primarily an agricultural country, Modicare has taken a pioneering step of partnering with the Indian farmer by introducing a product exclusively for him. Active-80 is the first in a series of products which will help the farmer to achieve substantially higher returns for his investments.
Marketing Active-80 will be Modicare's 10,00,000 strong force of Distributors spread across the country. Active-80 joins the company's diverse portfolio of over 200 world class products.
About Active-80
Active-80 is a highly concentrated all-purpose non-ionic spray adjuvant concentrate with 80% active ingredients. It is a special formula with Rheology Modifier.
As an Activator-Wetter-Spreader, it activates the spray fluid to moisten the plant surface & allows uniform spreading of spray deposit.
It facilities uniform mixing of powders, pesticides & most liquid fertilizers.
It is non-corrosive to spray equipment and prevents clogged nozzles.
Active-80 is non-phytotoxic & is biodegradable.
How Active-80 improves performance of pesticides
Active-80 is not a pesticide. But it does help make other pesticides highly effective. For a pesticide to be effective, a spray droplet must be able to wet the foliage and spread out uniformly over a leaf so that maximum area of the leaf is covered, enabling the pesticide to reach its target. However, this does not always happen as spray droplets tend to bead up on leaf surfaces, particularly on waxy and hairy leaves. This problem occurs due to the surface tension between spray droplets and the leaf surface. Mixing Active-80 with the pesticide solution reduces the surface tension and prevents beading of droplets, thus enabling uniform coverage of the pesticide and ultimately, resulting in a better crop yield.
How Active-80 helps the farmers
Active-80 helps the farmers to achieve a better and healthier crop yield through efficient use of pesticides thereby saving time and money. Although it is primarily an agricultural product, it can be used wherever pesticides, fertilizers, defoliators, plant nutrients are being utilized. This includes golf courses, household plants, nurseries kitchen gardens etc.
Finally Acive-80 is not an expensive product. A 500 ml bottle of the product comes at an MRP of Rs 350. The value delivered by this can be gauged by the fact that a single 500ml bottle of Active-80 will be ample to irrigate more than 3 acres of land It can also be utilized in 25 spray tanks of 15 liters capacity each for herbicides or 100 spray tanks of 15 liter capacity for fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, defoliators and plant nutrients.. This is vastly superior to any competing product in the market.
Research & Develpment
Active-80 was developed after intensive research by Modicare's team of scientists. Strict quality checks were carried out at every stage of the development of the product - right from quality checks were carried out at every stage of the development of the product - right from procurement of raw materials to the finished product. Active-80 has been tested on various crops and vegetation by reputed agricultural universities before being made available commercially. Like all Modicare products, it is backed by the Modicare 100% Satisfication Guarantee.

3x100 ml 288.00 --(wholesale price - 244.00)
500 ml 350.00 --(wholesale price - 297.00)
1 ltr 599.00 --(wholesale price - 509.00)
5 ltr 2580.00 --(wholesale price - 2200.00)

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