Dairy Development Programme

HCMS is exploring the possibility of enhancing milk producing potential in various districts of a Rajasthan through providing milk enhancing inputs, cattle induction, breed improvement, introducing better cattle management practices & through providing vital marketing link direct from the doorstep of the producers.
We provide consultancies on the following matters :

I. Availability of good grazing land all over Rajasthan on cheapest rates

How to Start the Dairy farm, Selection for the purchase of animal (Cows v/s Buffaloes), Availability of good quality animals ,availability of training facilities, Availability & requirement for fodder for the said animals, production performance

Detailed Project Report as per bank requirement (economic life of animals, profit ratio etc..,cash flow analysis, income expenditure statement, Infrastructure and Manpower requirements)

1. To increase milk production via improvements in pasture availability/management, dairy herd management, breeding policies and education/extension services with specialists & professor.
2. To be instrumental in helping improve the facilities related to the collection processing and distribution of milk products throughout Rajasthan in keeping with acceptable hygiene and nutritional standards.
3. To achieve full sufficiency in milk and milk products in the least time.
4. To provide an alternative and lucrative means of earning for farmers which ultimately improve nationís economy
Activities & Achievements
1. HCMS has already established & promoted dairies in different dists. of Rajasthan.
2. Promoting dairy at Bassi,chaksu by facilitating animal feeds supplement
3. Assistance to farmers to enhance milk producerís participation in all aspects for dairying for the improvement of milk collection, processing and marketing systems
4. Establishment of dairy training activities and the dissemination and exchange of information.
5. Establishment of grass nurseries in Rajasthan.
6. Promotional campaigns to increase consumption of dairy products in Phagi districts for the benefit of Dairy Owners.
7. HCMS will continue to promote farmers with the message that they should consider dairying as ad industry and not a turn-on/turn-off part-time vocation. Within the context TRAINING, via field days, seminars, workshops & practical trainings is a a paramount consideration within the Plan of action.