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Thread: yield more with safe and ecofriendly products of LOTUS BIOTECH

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    Default yield more with safe and ecofriendly products of LOTUS BIOTECH

    Dear friends,
    Lotus Biotech an upcoming and fast growing Biotech Industry offers you a wide range of products for yielding more and safeguarding your crops.

    1 Actisol 1000ml,500ml
    2 Greenimax 1000ml,500ml

    3 Nutriplus+ 1000ml,500ml,250ml
    (AA+Sea weed+GA+growth promoters)
    4 Florich 1000ml,500ml,250ml
    5 Amin+ 1000ml,500ml
    6 Fertisol 1000ml

    7 HarithaSuper Gro 50Kgs
    (enriched Organic fertilizer)
    8 Suphala 50Kgs
    9 Sanjeevani 40Kgs
    10 Azocare 1Kg
    11 PhosphoRich 1Kg
    12 NodulePlus 1Kg
    (Rhizobium) 13 BioRrhiza 1Kg
    14 BioZinc 1Kg
    15 BioPotash 1Kg

    16 TrioCare 1Kg (Trichoderma)
    17 Fluoromonas 1Kg (Pseudomonas)
    18 Nutriplus+Biogranules 8kgs
    19 Guardian 250ml (Biolarvicide)
    20 Raze 250ml (Biofungicide)
    21 Botex 250ml (Bioinsecticide)
    22 Dada 250ml (Biopesticide)
    23 Stricker 250ml (Biopesticide)
    24 Croma 250ml (Biomiticide)

    Fro information contact @

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    Smile Emulsifier for Nitrobenzene 20%

    We offer emulsifiers / surfactants. We have recently developed a very good emulsifier named MOWET - 1612, which gives very stable emulsion of 20% Nitrobenzene in water.

    You may send us the mail for sample and information

    Thanks & regards,

    Anil Kanoi
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