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Thread: Low Cost Drip Irrigation Solutions

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    Default Low Cost Drip Irrigation Solutions

    Dear All,

    We promote & Provide Low Cost Drip Irrigation System. Global Easy Water Products Pvt. Ltd. (GEWP) established in 2004 is a for profit company registered under
    Indian Companies Act 1956. GEWP is the exclusive authorised supplier and distributor of the KB (Krishak
    Bandhu) brand of “LOW COST MICRO IRRIGATION PRODUCTS”. KB drip is an innovative product offering that
    is in high demand amongst farmers in India. More than 250,000 farmers in India have benefited from KB Drip
    to date. GEWP currently supplies a product portfolio of more than 50 SKUs to a network of approximately
    500 dealers in 7 states in India. The company is a dynamic business, growing at 70% in 2008-09. In addition
    to domestic operations, GEWP is successfully expanding its export business with large-scale sales to Asia,
    Africa and Central America.
    Operations: GEWP’s head office is based in Aurangabad, with additional branch offices in Madhya Pradesh,
    Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The team consists of 22 full-time employees and 25+ contract
    employees, expanding rapidly. GEWP’s strategy is to leverage rural market forces. The company sources
    from local manufacturers, uses a network of independent retail dealers, and builds expertise in local
    technicians to ensure the final product reaches the smallholder farmer.
    Products: GEWP’s core product is the Low Cost Micro irrigation systems, including KB Drip tape, Screen
    filters, fertilizer tanks, flush valve, ventury injectors, ball valves, micro tubes and readymade Micro Irrigation
    Kits. Additional products include micro sprinklers, overhead sprinklers, water storage bags, pond lining
    fabrics, Treadle Pumps and water conveyance. GEWP is constantly innovating on new products to deliver to
    the Indian farmer.
    Exports:GEWP has been rapidly expanding into export markets with sales to date in Pakistan, Egypt, Sri
    Lanka, Egypt, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique, Philippines, Kenya, Laos, Tanzania, and Tajikistan.
    Sales to date have been demand-driven, resulting from the growing awareness of GEWP’s brand and quality
    Our Target Customers
    Most commercially available micro-irrigation systems are optimized for fields of
    two hectares or larger, requiring expensive emitters & components and also
    required highly qualified staff to operate and maintain the system. As a result,
    these systems are too expensive and impractical to operate in small plots and
    irrelevant to the majority of the poor farmers. Water is more and more scarce, but
    small farmers are thus unable to afford the water saving technologies that would
    enable them to produce food and income. GEWP is targeting the small & marginal
    farmers as their customers.
    KB brand drip irrigation laterals are useful for the crops like-vegetables, cotton, sugarcane and horticulture.
    KB micro sprinklers are suitable for close spacing crops like onion, ginger, garlic and fodder. These systems are
    very easy to install and maintenance also is very easy. Thousands of farmers are using KB drip & sprinklers in
    various crops across India & abroad.
    Please contact Global Easy Water Product Pvt. Ltd.,Low cost micro irrigation solutions
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    we have 90 acres eucalyptus plantation of monsoon 2009. we need low cost drip system at our farm village ghui taluka ner district yavatmal please contact through private message
    anant joglekar orgagro farms

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    Red face Reply with quote on acre basis

    [Please qoute for an acre of trees at 3mx3m spacing on my email i.d. please contact...

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    h2-1lic flat vidhyadhar nagar jaipur-23

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    Please can you send me more details of this system.Can this be useful to other crops also like plantation crops.

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    Default Low cost drip irrigation solutions

    Dear Sir,

    we are interested in your low cost drip irrigation solutions. We have already installed Jain irrigation drip system on 5 acres. We have another 10 acres where we would like to try your system. Please quote the cost for 5 acres
    20' X 20' spaced mango plants.

    If your cost is low, we would like to take up dealership also.

    best regards
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    Please send the quote for low cost drip irrigation for mangoes tree for 7 acres.
    (Pvt msg)
    Thanks & Regards

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    Thumbs down Low cost Drip Irrigation systems

    Dear Sir,

    We wuld like to have more information of your product of low cost Drip irrigation systems. e are based in Sri Lanka, many farmers are looking for affordable drip systems. Your price list and cost per acre or less is much appreciated.

    We market certain inputs to the agri sector.

    Use private message through this page
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    Default Please quote rate of drip irrigation for 1000 sq mtrs polyhouse

    Please quote rate of drip irrigation systom for 1000 sq mtrs polyhouse

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    Dear sir

    I am in the same field of business. I am interested in promoting ur product in the south part of tamilnadu. Pl give me an opportunity to work for u.

    with best wishes

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    Default low cost Drip irrigation system reg :-

    Dear sir,

    THe detail what you have mentioned is not sufficient ,pl let us know the total spect about your product.I have all ready installed more than 30 acers of Netafim drif system .We are intend to install anether 30 and add acers.
    Hence send me a E mail to my private mail with

    1.What is the size of the lateral.

    2.What is the dripper spacing.
    3.What is the discharge rating
    4.What isthe durabelity.

    Plese send the E mail to
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