Our fibers are used to make door mats, mattresses, brushes, floor tiles and many other home use products. We are offering pure and highly processed fibers that provide optimum resistance to salt water and abrasion resistance.
Coir Fibre is extracted from the fibrous outer cover of the fruit of the Coconut Plant. They are white or light brown in color. Our Natural Coir Fibre is spun to make yarn to make mats or rope. Coconut Coir Fibre, we produce is water-proof and resistant to salt water. We are one of the leading Coconut Coir Fibre Manufacturers & Suppliers, based in India. We provide Coir Fibre that is free from 2-3% pith, roots, etc. Natural Coir Fibre is baled with the assistance of rust free Iron Hoops (or) plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility.

Key qualities:
Properly procured
Abrasion resistant
Weight : 30-125 kg/bale
Loadability : 20tons in 1x40' container
Compression Ratio : 5:1
Packaging (Optional) : It is baled by using rust free iron hoops (or) plastic straps
Moisture : up to 15%
Impurity : upto 2-3% free from pith, roots

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