We are based in South India where coconut is cultivated in large.
We can supply coconuts and Edible Copra.
Coconut copra that are derived from sun dried coconuts. Copra is the ment or kernel of coconut, which is used to extract coconut oil copra for oil extraction leaves a residue which is used for feeding . our coconut copra is of high, quality and can be availed by our clients is big and small quantities.
There are two varieties of copra namely Edible and milling. Edible copra is made in the form of balls and cups. Which are used as edible food and ice-cream cups. Milling copra’s are used to extract oil. The extracted oil is used for edible purpose.
Origin - Tamil Nadu
1. Maximum moisture content - 6%
2. Oil Content of 65-70%
3. Fatty acid contents are less. So free of F acids.
4. Shelf life 6-7 months

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