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    Dear Sir,
    We are group of Farmers doing Herbal Cultivation and Value addition named by "Jai Kisan Natural Farmers Association" it is a sister concern to "Amaravathi Naturotech P.Ltd" , A Group of 4000 Farmers.

    Herbal Raw Materials , Powders & Extracts we are offering :-
    * Turmeric
    * Chia Seeds
    * Ashwagandha
    * Aloevera
    * Bitter Gourd
    * Shatavari
    * Neem
    * Andrographis
    * Licorice
    * Vasaka
    * Punarnava
    * Amla Fruit
    * Bhoomi Amla
    * Terminalia
    * Tulasi
    * Tinospora
    * Bringaraj
    * Triphala
    * Ginger
    * Garlic
    * Brahmi
    * Safed Musli
    * Senna
    * Coleus
    * Eclipta Alba
    * Manjistha and many more[​IMG]
    We appreciate your kind attention to this offer and hope to receive your valuable response.
    Swapna - 9866672765
    Amaravathi Naturo Tech P.Ltd
    Reg Offc :Kantepudi (Vill),

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    does your organisation grow bauhinia racemosa? i need dried leaves 100kgs the small 2cm leaves, no stem

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    Herbal materials are very useful for the skin. They also make the skin healthy and also make it look beautiful. There are many artificial herbal products which are coming in the market we have to check whether they are the original products or not. Recently I have read an article in the best essay writing services about this kind of products and their uses.

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