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Thread: Organic Chilli Cultivation

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    Default Organic Chilli Cultivation

    Dear All

    Organic Chilli Cultivation if anyone want to do and want to know about the organic cultivation method kindly post your questions here. We are Doing with some Masala powder company For chilli in Organic way. We are Having Organic Fertilizer. Which We used and Got high yield and Good Income in that. Our products Got certified and Using all over India.

    I will suggest you every one to go for Bio-organic Fertilizer,Bio-organic Pesticides,Bio-organic fungicides,Bio-organic growth supplements and much more.

    Contact me For more details about the products and their usage for Plants
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    WE are into organic vegetable & fruits cultivtion. Please provide the details of organic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides.

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    Default Organic chilly farming

    Kindly send us information

    Warm regards... shivenrao.

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    Default Inquiry about organic product

    sir i want to export organic chilly please tell me where can i ged good quality organic chilly and which certificates i need to do export.

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    EM™ stands for "Effective Microorganisms™" and was coined by Professor Dr. Teruo Higa, who developed EM™. EM™ consists of a wide variety of effective, beneficial and non-pathogenic microorganisms produced through a natural process and not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered. It comes in a liquid form.

    The products offered by us for organic agriculture includes maple bokashi for agriculture, maple EM power, maple EM rich, maple termin, maple primo and various other agricultural chemicals. Maple EM Rich is a product offered by us in the organic fertilizer category as it helps the farmers to maintain and improve soil fertility.

    For more details, write back on
    Organic Agriculture | Em Technology | Solid Waste Treatment | India
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