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Thread: Milky mashroom cultivation

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    Default Milky mashroom cultivation

    Dear friends, Please let me know the method of milky maushoom cultivation. My present location is Udupi, Karnataka.

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    Milky mushroom (Colocybe indica) is characterized by a milky large sporophore with delicious flavour.
    - It can be grown at 25-30 C. There is a good scope for its cultivation in tropical areas with a biological efficiency of 60-70%. It is grown on wheat or rice straw in polypropylene bags with supplements like maize-meal, wheat bran and rice husk @ 5-7% both during spawning and casing. After 8-10 days of mycelial run casing with 2-year-old cowdung patties up to a thickness of 2.5cm has been recommended.
    - Mixture of garden soil and sand (1:1) or soil/sand mixture supplemented with calcium carbonate is also used as casing. The first flush of mushroom is ready for harvesting within 3-4 weeks from spawning at 25-30 C, high humidity, defused light and good aeration. Fruiting bodies harvested before shedding of spores are required to be packed in perforated polythene bags as whole or in pieces for fresh marketing. For drying mushrooms are cut as chips and dried under the sun or in oven at 40-50C without change in colour.

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    Default Best Quality Mushroom Spawn in Bulk

    Dear friends,
    Our company produces best quality of first generation, high yielding and true to type spawn of most cultivated varieties.
    We produce spawn in a highly sophisticated laboratory with 15 years' experience and reputation.
    Our price is Rs.62 per kilogram(including delivery cost upto your nearest railway station) for Oyster mushrooms, Milky mushrooms and Paddy Straw mushrooms. Rs.72 per kilogram for Button, Ganoderma, Shiitake and Auricularia varieties(including delivery charge).
    Contact us for you daily or permanent needs.
    We are appointing dealers every where throughout the country so you can contact us for dealership too.
    Wishing you all very happy mushroom growing.
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    Dear Friends,
    We are a company which grows Oyster Mushrooms as well as Milky Mushrooms in Bulk.
    Current Capacity is 150 kg/ day. And we are looking to expand in the future. We are looking for active partners who can help us in managing our farm, for a share in profits.
    Please let us know if anyone is interested. Msg me at
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