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Thread: ORGANIC INDIA Celebrates 15th Anniversary

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    ORGANIC INDIA Celebrates 15th Anniversary

    Boulder, CO (PRWEB) August 03, 2011

    Today, ORGANIC INDIA is living proof that abundance can be created with an uncompromising commitment to social and environmental justice, serving the regeneration of our Earth, and the dignity and well-being of our farmers, while offering exceptional quality organic products to consumers worldwide, despite competitive markets driven by vastly different values.

    In its 15 years, ORGANIC INDIA has touched directly or indirectly the lives of thousands of farmers, tribal people and their communities by providing education, health care and training in organic, sustainable and biodynamic agriculture practices.

    Kailash Nath, one of the first farmer to join with ORGANIC INDIA, states "Organic farming has come as a real blessing for our family. Our succeeding generations will reap the benefits and realize the fertility of the land is our true wealth."

    Every 30 minutes somewhere in India, a farmer is giving up the struggle to survive with the politics of chemical and engineered farming, often committing suicide with the same poison that contaminates the crops, our bodies, and our earth. There have been no farmer suicides amongst the thousands of villagers growing organic guaranteed crops amongst ORGANIC INDIA projects.

    Founded in 2007, the ORGANIC INDIA Foundation provides health care services to all farmers and villagers in need of medical assistance and treatment. Their two clinics in Uttar Pradesh, India also sponsor frequent blood drives, in-home visits for women's health education, infant care and hygiene. A recent program also trained more than 60 women as seamstresses, enabling many young women to save for higher education.

    In celebration of their anniversary, ORGANIC INDIA has launched a website that documents their progress and future goals. Further information and comments from international health experts can be found at

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