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Thread: need information for planting sandalwood trees in gujarat

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    Default need information for planting sandalwood trees in gujarat

    i wanted to know that is it possible to grow sandalwood trees in gujarat?the place where i am looking to plant it is waste land and can be used for agriculture purpose.also which type of sandalwood tree would be preferable according to low maintainance and quick growth?

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    Yes, it could be grown in Gujarat condition.

    LEGAL ASPECTS : The govt. of Gujarat Forest Department GR Dated 17th March. 2003, “Every occupant or holder of land shall be legally entitled to sandal wood tree in his land

    Sandal wood can be grown in variety of soil and ranging different climatic condition and temperature, not restricted to any region or area. The plantation grown Sandal wood with intensive cultivation in organic manner gives good results than the natural once. The naturally grown Chandan tree requires more than 30 years for harvesting, where as invasively cultivated plants starts formation of scented heart wood around 10 to 25 kgs. with the width of 30 cm and 65 cm. in 10 to 15 years. These results are based on the actual existing plantation in nearby places. The management practices, irrigation, fertilization, soil working, drainage, inducing stress and manipulation in hosteria are the main criteria for the early growth. Yearly growth around 2cm to 5 cm. it is cleat that sandal wood prefers a well drained, moderately fertile land and the heart wood the oil content in the wood seems to be better under drier conditions.

    Manoj Singh
    CAS Agribusiness Services
    Chandel Agritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 09810931908
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    Smile sandal plant available

    Hi Kamal,

    World's most popular and costly wood is Sandal wood. there are so many places in Gujarat where sandalwood plants grown successfully. It is an evergreen tree and requires very little moisture for its survival and growth. It can successfully grow in different type of soil like Sandy, Clay, Red soil heavy or Black Cotton soil.

    If we raise trees from the seeds collected from selected or plus trees it would acquire more than normal trees growth.

    We provides superior, tested and good provenance plants with buy-back guarantee. If you are interested to get all detail about our company named by Becon Agro forestry Consultant & Farming Contractor Please contact for us to delivers value for your money.

    Sarang Jain.
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    Default Sandalwood cultivation

    In earlier days the sandalwood trees were availiable and found in the can be automaticaly germinated and grown in the forest without any kind of assistance of manpower.So the sandalwood was found in the forest by nature so its called wild cultivation.Now a days due to some unexplained reasons the sandalwood trees not availiable in plenty .So our nation is facing much difficulties to get sandalwood log for medicinal,aroma & divine purpose.So our country passed an ordinance in the parliment in the year of 2002 granting permission to cultivate the sandalwood in private patta lands in india with the additional permission of the Dist.forest officer of the concerned jurisdiction of the farmers.The sandalwood is jungle plant so we can do cultivate any where in india.The opt and correct soil is redsoil,rocky redsoil or foot hills of the any hills that also redsoil.totally very barren land without clay is very suitable for sandalwood cultivation.The black cotton,clay soil and paddy field or where ever water logging will be there those soil perfectly not suitable for sandal some specific case and places sandalwood grows in black soil very rare .But we wnt expect the stipulated yield in stipulated time.I have sandalwood plants in jumbo poly bags in my nursery aged nearly 2 to 2.5 years approximately.Here I uploaded for your ready reference.

    For more details plz contact us:

    a Sivakumar
    Priya Nursery Garden
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    i wanted to know that is it possible to grow sandalwood trees in assam? Is it suitable for the climate of assam? the place where i am looking to plant it is waste land and can be used for agriculture purpose.also which type of sandalwood tree would be preferable according to low maintainance and quick growth? What are the legal asspects of sandalwood plantation in assam.

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    Hi All,

    I work with Village Organics Pvt. Ltd, a company that was formed by Scientist, biologist and promoters, with an intention to bring back Indians towards sustainable Agriculture.

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    Default Sendel Wood Farming Help

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Parsottam Patel and i have 20 acer farming land in kutch (Nakathrana) so i need your help how can i farming sandalwood in my land ?????????

    my Email id :-

    i waiting for your reply

    please contact me ASAP.

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    Call 9825119296

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