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Thread: greenhouse cultivation of gerbera

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    Default greenhouse cultivation of gerbera

    I have a land area of 10 acre. i want to start cultivation of gerbera and other flowers.
    Climate of the area is generally dry.
    Temperature ranges from minimum 11.5oC to maximum 39.0oC.
    Relative humidity ranges from minimum 32% to maximum 96%.
    Average annual rainfall is 1500 mm.

    Is that suitable for gerbera cultivation?
    Which of the other costly flower culture can be done there?
    please let me know the yearly production yield and the selling price of flowers.

    i can invest how much it require for a secure scientific farming.

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    You can cultivate gerbera under cover( greenhouse). Sandy loam with good drainage capacity having a pH of 5.5 6.0 is more suitable. Temperature should be within the range of 25 C - 27C to avoid bud abortion/scorching. It is better to raise the crop under poly/green house.

    The crop can be cultivated throughout the year.

    Propagation and Planting
    It can be propagated through suckers and tissue culture plantlets. Raised beds with 4 ft. width and 40 cm height are formed at an interval of 60 cm and planting is done at a spacing of 30 x 30 cm.
    Before starting gerbera cultivation, disinfection of the soil is absolutely necessary to minimize the infestation of soil borne pathogens like Phytophthora, Fusarium and Pythium which could otherwise destroy the crop completely. The beds should be drenched / fumigated with 2% formaldehyde (100 ml formalin in 5 litres of water / m2 area) or methyl bromide (70 g / m2) and then covered with a plastic sheet for a minimum period of 2 to 3 days. The beds should be subsequently watered thoroughly to drain the chemicals before planting. Well developed tissue culture plants having 4 -6 leaves can be planted firmly without burying the crown.

    Drip irrigation is done once in 2 3 days @ 3.75 litre/drip/plant for 15 20 minutes. Average water requirement is about 500 700 ml/day/plant.
    When flowers completely open, harvesting is done. Flower stalk is soaked in Sodium hypochloride solution (5-7 ml/lit of water) for 4-5 hours to improve vase life.

    The crop yields 2 stems / plant / month. Harvest starts from 3rd month of planting and continued up to two years. Under open condition, 130 -160 flowers / m2 / year and under greenhouse condition, 175 - 200 flowers /m2 / year can be obtained.

    You can get technical information from the nearest Horticulture department

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