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Thread: How to Obtain a Farmer Certificate/Agri. land-Gujarat

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    Default How to Obtain a Farmer Certificate/Agri. land-Gujarat

    Hello Friends

    I am in Gujarat, I want to start green house project or investment, I was told that I have to obtain farmer certificate. How can I get it if I don't have any land on my name. How much investment for 1 acre and how much return. for flower green house.
    I am planing to buy few acres land with friends in Gujarat near Ankleshwar please guide me and agriculture land owner please contact me & guide me for

    -Farmer certificate
    -Investment /acre for flower green house
    -rate of return per acre
    -risk .....and what are those..

    Thank you

    Please contact..
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    Which crop do you want to cultivate?? For the general details please contact the nearest KVK

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    Default Get farmer certificate from us

    Get farmer certificate from us
    please contact
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    Hi this is Rubin .. I want to legally get an agriculture land in Maharashtra. Please contact me 9699733777

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    hi,give you contact details, i want to get farmer certificate in gujarat.thank you.

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